partner: you be the teacher ill be the student ;)
me: okay
me: write an essay on whether theatre architecture of a particular period always reflects that period's culture. i want it on my desk by monday
partner: oh no but... thats such a hard essay... is there anything i can do for extra credit? ;)
me: no
partner: but professor.... surely then i could... persuade you to extend the deadline...? ;)
me: no
partner: so... what do you want, professor?? ;)))
me: an essay on whether theatre architecture of a particular period always reflects that period's culture. on my desk. by monday

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"My third grade teacher called my mother and said, ‘Ms. Cox, your son is going to end up in New Orleans in a dress if we don’t get him into therapy.’ And wouldn’t you know, just last week I spoke at Tulane University, and I wore a LOVELY green and black dress."

—Laverne Cox, speaking at the University of Kentucky  (via krispymeme)

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guys complain about girls making duckfaces while posting selfies where they’re biting their lip and squinting lookin like they’re tryna read something in size 3 font lmfao

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Veronika Scott was a fashion student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit when her teacher, Stephen Schock, challenged her class to create a product that filled a need, rather than satisfying or creating a fad. Veronika’s design was a coat for homeless people that could transform into a sleeping bag, since in her city, she says, “you are constantly faced with the homeless epidemic.” 

Not only did her design win a International Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America, it’s become the core of Veronika’s nonprofit organization, The Empowerment Plan, which hires people from homeless shelters and transition homes to help her make the coats. Now, three years later, the 24-year-old social entrepreneur expects that her team of 15 seamstresses will produce over 6,000 coats in 2014 — all of which will be distributed free of charge to people living on the streets. 

Veronika originally designed the coats seeking input from people at a homeless shelter. After receiving feedback from people who used the prototype over a Detroit winter, she refined the design to create her final version which, in addition to being a waterproof and windproof coat and sleeping bag, also transforms into an over-the-shoulder bag with storage in the arm sockets. 

When she started out, Veronika states,

“Everybody told me that my business was going to fail — not because of who I was giving my product to but because of who I was hiring. They said that these homeless women will never make more than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich — you cannot rely on them for anything. And I know my ladies enjoy proving everybody wrong.” 

And, their impact is growing — according to CNN, which recently honored Veronika as one of their 10 Visionary Women of 2014, “The Empowerment Plan expects to launch a ‘buy one, give one’ program that will make it sustainable beyond the donations and sponsorships that keep it running now. Hunters and backpackers who’ve asked to buy the coat will be able to do so, and the Empowerment Plan will still create coats for homeless people who need them.”

Veronika is also excited to show other clothing producers that local manufacturing is possible: “I think we’re going to show a lot of people: you think it’s outdated to do manufacturing in your neighborhood, but I think it’s something that we have to do in the future, where it’s sustainable, where you invest in people, where they’re not interchangeable parts.”

You can read more about Veronika’s organization on CNN, or watch a short video about her work here.

To learn more about The Empowerment Plan or how you can support their work, visit

For a wonderful book about women’s great inventions throughout history, check out “Girls Think of Everything” for readers 8 to 13.

For those in the US who would like to support efforts to end homelessness and help the over 600,000 people who experience homelessness on any given night, visit the National Alliance to End Homelessness at or to find a local homeless shelter to support in your area, visit

Important in so many ways.

This is amazing and wonderful.


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'do it for the vine'


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me in class: wait what happened
me in class: what do we do
me in class: what do we write
me in class: when's the test
me in class: what is this
me in class: how do you do this
me in class: what

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do you ever just stop and realize how much pokemon has grown



like wow it just really amazes me

well i mean 



pokemon isnt the best example







goddammit megaman

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why can’t mosquitos suck out my fat instead

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"A soul mate is not the person
who makes you the happiest, but the one
that makes you feel the most.
Who conducts your heart to bang the loudest,
who can drag you giggling
with forgiveness from the cellar they locked you in."

— Sierra DeMulder, excerpt from “Unrequited Love Poem” (via ohlovequotes)

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"In math class they will give you scenarios like ‘You have to be in Seattle by 5:15 PM and you are at the train station. You are 293 miles away and the train will maintain a speed of 55mph. Should you leave at 9 AM, 12:30 PM or 3 PM?’ but they don’t tell you that before you buy that ticket you’ll be so exhausted from working 65 hours a week to afford this trip that you’ll probably end up over sleeping and missing it anyway and now you’re so anxious that you had to go to the doctor and pay out $118.00 for a bottle of pills to keep you focused enough to keep working non-stop to afford the health insurance that doesn’t pay for anything and when you’re lying in your bed alone at the end of the nite it wouldn’t have mattered if you would bought the ticket for the train that left at 9 AM, 12:30 PM, or 3 PM because all you could think about was jumping in front of the first one that sped by."

—Things they leave out in school (trm)

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